About Us

AeroJet is a Colombian virtual airline with both national and international routes of operations, having our main hub at the José María Córdova airport in the city of Rionegro-Antioquia, ICAO SKRG in the IVAO virtual network. We are born in 2018 with the purpose of providing the knowledge to all our aspirants in the best way and that together we can support and help each other, in order to grow as much as people intellectually in the aeronautical area.

Our main objective is to offer a pleasant experience to all the aspirants to enter, to be highlighted in the virtual aeronautical field for the professionalism and for the respect above all of each of the members, taking into account the rules of the IVAO virtual network. Give each of the members a training space and constant training to increase knowledge with light aircraft type C172 and especially reach national and international destinations with a modern fleet and high standard.