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In AeroJet we have:


Autonomous system that allows us to monitor the flight of each pilot obtaining the information directly from IVAO or VATSIM, thus taking optimal control of it with the highest standards and without using external ACARS.


We have excellent flight instructors who frequently conduct training, lectures, among others, to those pilots who are new to the world of simulation and of course to those who wish to remember or learn important things.


Having a variety of fleet from light aircraft to heavy category aircraft allows us to make flights to different parts of the world, as long as you have the corresponding qualification.


Get to know the most frequent destinations of our pilots:

United Estates


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Work Team

We present you our work team, so you can know more about us.

Julian Awazacko


Tenth semester electronic engineering student with emphasis on telecommunications, one of the company's partners GRAAWA S&S where he works with RPAS aircraft in the field of research and development, and providing the service of photogrammetry and advertising with drones, passionate about the world of aviation, aerospace and aeromodelling.

Luis Hurtado


Fourth semester Industrial Automation Engineering student, passionate about the world of aeronautics and simulation area for 8 years, strives to work as a team and promote values such as fellowship.

Juan Hernandez


Julian Polanco

Operations Manager AeroJet Regional

Sixth semester law student, passionate about aviation and air simulation.

Juan Osorio

Operations Manager AeroJet Executive

Student of electronic engineering and biomedical engineering Passionate about aviation, air simulation and space.

Andrés Mahecha

Operations Manager AeroJet Cargo

Aircraft Maintenance Technician 320 Family among others, Industrial Electric Technology, a passionate about real and simulated aviation in all areas.

Juan Chamorro

Admissions Supervisor

Student of last semester in aeronautical maintenance, high performance sportsman being speed skater, speed cuber, passionate about the aeronautical and aerospace world and helpful at all times.

Jairo Valencia

Gerente the Marketing

Third semester student of Medicine. Passionate about science, physics, aviation and air simulation.

Simón Echandía

Gerente the Marketing and Operations Manager AeroJet Airlines

Eighth grade student, aerobatic model airplane pilot and a great passionate about aviation since the age of 4, promoter of aviation to people of the same age, currently designer of the liveries of our company.

Santiago Escobar

Flight Instructor

Commercial Aircraft Pilot type rated in ATR 42/72-600. Passionate about the aeronautical environment in all its fields. Ground Instructor at Escuela de Aviacion in Medellin. Partner and collaborator of Fly Wise.

Juan Rojas

Flight Instructor

Commercial pilot with studies in graphic design, digital marketing and marketing and sales, passionate about learning new things and teaching them to people. Partner and collaborator of Fly Wise.

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